Sunday, April 20, 2008


NY Real Estate Brokers and the Young Moms Who Need Them

Cinda B Bags, Available at

If you haven't heard of Manhattan Living Realty, it's the Murray Hill-based Real Estate company founded and run by the two-sister team of Debbi Rapaport Kraner and Lisa Rapaport Robbins.

They've just launched a complimentary service to cater to the new generation of younger parents who are opting to brave the hectic pace of Manhattan and stay put. In a nut shell, Manhattan Living Baby seems like it'll be almost like a concierge service for new moms in the city, covering everything from personal shopping to nursery interior design to an online store carrying some of the hipper baby gear that today's new parents simply cannot show up at Kidsville without.

From the press release:

With the growing trend of young families staying in the city, Manhattan Living now transcends square footage and brings more conveniences, service and style to Manhattan Living for the growing family and their friends. Manhattan Living Baby, a boutique company, caters to the busy baby & mom by providing stylish must haves and gifts, time saving personal shopping and interior decorating services.

The online site looks pretty well-organized with plenty of potential shower gifts as well as practical NYC baby stuff for everyday strolls with the nanny, while Mom is off at work trying to help pay for it all.

Some of the products available are:

Cinda B bags, Kee-Ka organic onesies and apparel, trumpette baby socks, The Macbeth Collection storage buckets and bins, Angel Dear blankets and accessories, Designer art work and Picture Frames.

We love to hear about successful entrepreneurs in New York who take what they're good at in one area and extend it to the next level, providing a helpful service in the process.

Good luck Manhattan Living Baby, we'll be watching you!

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