Tuesday, April 1, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol (Happy April Fool's Day)

Ahhh, the classic Tin Foil Office Prank, try it today!

Where did April Fool's Day begin and what's it all about? The answer is debatable but the most likely explanation is that it had to do with the Gregorian Calendar being implemented under Charles IX in France around 1582. Apparently, when New Year's Day was switched to January 1st from April 1st, there were people who insisted on sticking with their old calendar. These people were subject to ridicule on "All Fool's Day" which centered around their continued observation of New Years Day on April 1st. This ridicule involved being sent invitations to non-existent parties and being sent on "fool's errands". Other's trace it back further, to Roman Laughing Day. Either way, if you're interested, check out Wikipedia for more...
April Fool's Day Explained

Remodelista's got a great piece up on the opening of the Smeg showroom at the A&D Building in Manhattan. Smeg, owned by Electrolux, is one of the most fasion and function forward appliance manufacturers extant. Great pic's of their refrigerators, ovens and more.
Smeg Showroom Opens

Movers can be a pretty taciturn bunch, and when they show up for a job, they tend to be all business. With the prospect of having to hoist a piano up 3 flights of stairs, we wouldn't normally be very chatty either. That said, the Property Grunt managed to get the head of marketing at Oz Moving to talk about the business itself and share some tips with readers. Included are some tidbits about how gas prices have affected the moving industry, the difference between a commercial and residential move, and how the DOT and FBI have been able to rid the local NYC moving market of some of the low-ball rate scammers.
Grunt Interviews Oz Moving

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