Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It's Back! Inexplicably, Top Design Gets Another Shot

India Hicks, the New Host of Top Design for 2008

What was more awkward on last year's Bravo show, "Top Design"? Was it that kiss-off catch phrase from Jonathan Adler (in case you blocked it out, it was "See Ya Later, Decorator")? Maybe it was Todd Oldham's not-quite-ready-for-TV turn as host. Could it have been the conceit of the show's concept itself? Whatever it was that kept you from being able to watch more than one episode, never fear New York, Top Design is back with a new host and hopefully some hard-learned lessons from season 1.

The big news is that Bravo took a page out of the Top Chef playbook and cast a model, albeit one with an expertise and passion for design, a la Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef. India Hicks will be your MC for the festivities in 2008. She is a model and a design aficianado with an intensely British background centering around her relation to a Viceroy of India and her having been a bridesmaid at Princess Diana's wedding.

This is all well and good, but will the design and decor aspect of the show improve as well? Bravo is certainly counting on it!

Reminisce about season 1:

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