Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Goodyear's Monster Garden Hose

In keeping with the recent aesthetic and functional zeitgeist of rolling out consumer products modeled on industrial principles, allow us to introduce the Goodyear Industrial Garden Hose.

While it may have been developed mainly for use by landscaping contractors, we're seeing them pop up in yards everywhere here in New York.

During a recent visit to a New York area Home Depot, we observed some seriously prominent placement for the both the 50 and 75 ft versions of several Goodyear rubber garden hoses but this orange monster immediately caught our attention. Maybe it's the color that makes them seem so ubiquitous or maybe it's the size.

The bottom line is people are buying them despite what can only be described as a very mixed consensus on the web.

The Pros:

Withstands ridiculously high pressure

Your landscaper, if he uses your hose, will love the sheer power of it

Features brass fittings and superior crush resistance

Cool orange color with a scratch-proof exterior coating, drag it over whatever you want, you can't rip it.

The Cons:

Can certainly kink, and when it does, you may need to employ some industrial strength to unkink it.

Heavy as a mutha, which gives it durability, but seriously, join a gym before purchasing

Not kidding, it's heavy to carry and to roll back up, even with a winch

Long story short, it's a serious hose that will most likely last years longer than most inferior green garden hoses, but they are not using the word "industrial" frivolously.

Buy it/ Research it at Home Depot

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