Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Get Ready to Vote for the Coolest Studio Apartments

The Apartment Therapy Book

The Small Cool Contest at Apartment Therapy is on for 2008 with all submissions in. This is the 4th year running for the contest which allows AT readers from New York and the rest of the country to submit photos of their small apartments and to show off the clever ways they've made their space livable.

From AT:

The Smallest, Coolest Apartment contest is for all small apartments and homes in the world, under 850 square feet (@ 79 square meters). We are seeking the most ingenious and beautiful submissions along with all the tips and resources we need to maximize our own homes.

Apartment Therapy and their co-sponsor Room and Board are giving away $10,000 to the winning regional and national submissions, plus the first 25 entrants got a copy of the AT Book.

There are photos galore filled with creative and practical ideas for making the most out of the small square footage that comes along with living in your first New York city or Brooklyn studio, and some of the national entries are great as well.

Voting starts soon, so check it out here: Small Cool 2008

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In the same vein, you might want to know that: The Search is on for the Most Chaotic, Cluttered, Disorganized, Unruly Apartment in all of Manhattan!

Manhattan Mini Storage is launching the first-ever Super-Duper-Help-Me-Unclutter-My Apartment Contest! Visit us To Enter the Manhattan Mini Storage Messy New York Apartment Video Contest Entries can be submitted from March 8 through March 31. Voting begins on April 1 and ends on April 12.
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