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Baby-Proof a Living Room or Den in New York

Living Room by Camren Parrish Interior Design

Living rooms and dens can be difficult to baby-proof because of jagged-edged furniture and the various antiques and objet d'art we all have as part of our decor. We've consulted some of the best baby proofing experts in New York for a list of tips that will make your living areas child friendly without a lot of aesthetic sacrifice:

Baby Proofing Tips for the Living Room and Den

Because trading in a glass coffee table for a foam one is not your first choice, consider adding pads to the corners and edges. Kids love to crawl under tables, so having exposed wrought iron edges is a bad idea. The good news is that there are plenty of options for covering these problem areas without resorting to putting your favorite furniture in a storage facility.

Kids are attracted to wires and cords like moths to a flame. If you are running extension cords, make sure they are tucked in and of course, try to use as few as possible. Stand-alone halogen lamps can be fastened to the wall via a simple plastic loop and a screw. That way, when your child attempts a "Singin' in the Rain" maneuver like swinging around the lamp pole, you won't have broken glass to clean up.

Fireplaces need to be separated from children, even during summer when they aren't in use. Use a child safety gate and keep the pokers and related accessories out of sight. Even if this means obscuring the fireplace from view, this is a must. Santa won't mind, but you'll sleep better knowing that the baby is being kept away from the brick hearth.

Any furniture over a reasonable height should be secured to the wall with a bracket. Bookcases and china cabinets, if leaned or climbed on, can be either pulled down or have their contents spilled to the ground if not fastened in some way.

In most New York apartments, televisions are being mounted to wall these days, which technically keeps them out of a baby's reach. But what of the power cord or cable wires? Be aware of how the wiring is mounted, and if possible, have your entertainment center built with infrared so that a lot of wires are unnecessary. Heavy TV's and stereo equipment should be secured to the surface they are mounted on so they can't be pulled down.

Your choice of houseplants and where they are situated can save you a phone call to poison control or a huge bill for a carpet cleaner to get soil stains off a leather couch! Avoid anything that sheds, because infants will explore whatever hits the floor with their mouths. And obviously, skip the cactus, unless it's on a high ledge or shelf.

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