Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Green Tips Coming Soon!

Energy Saving Appliance Choices are a Good Start

Due to popular demand from you the readers of's Interior Decorator Blog, beginning in March, we will be highlighting some practical "green" home improvement tips on a frequent basis.

This decision wasn't made based on jumping on any particular bandwagon. Through extensive discussions with both visitors and members of cityhammer, we realized that green remodeling advice was both extremely sought after and highly controversial in the eyes of New York homeowners.

As an example, just a small amount of research on whether or not replacing windows for energy efficiency was a valuable endeavor would yield you several convincing arguments on both sides. The proponents would say that any upgrade that halts the effect of "leaked" cold air and allows you to chill out with the thermostat is a good thing. The disbelievers would say that you'll have to live 100 years to recoup the energy cost savings and that the transport, waste material to dispose of, and manufacture of the new windows completely negates the shrinking of your carbon footprint.

Here at cityhammer, we will attempt to bring New Yorkers interesting new ideas for their homes that, when combined, can help to lower costs and do the right thing environmentally, without the need to build a wind farm on the roof. We'll answer reader questions with intelligence from the front lines of the green movement and keep the blog updated with the latest breakthroughs in products and practices.

Stay tuned and keep the topic suggestions coming!

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