Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Better Homes and Gardens' Living Green Tour

Living Green Since 1955

Slightly less exciting than a Foo Fighters tour, though most likely, much more informative, the Better Homes and Gardens Living Green Tour is on its way to a city near you.

Better Homes and Gardens has put together a 7 month, 15 city tour to showcase innovative, earth-friendly options for your home. They've got a 2,500-square-foot BHG "Living Green Home" composed of ecologically sound materials and appliances. And for the hardcore, don't freak out, because they're schlepping these huge displays around the country with biodiesel-burning trucks, which BHG says is "ostensibly safer for the environment than gas or diesel".

The tour is co-sponsored by GreenWorks, who makes a line of natural cleaners made with plant-based ingredients. Along with GreenWorks cleaners, the Living Green Tour features products from Pella Windows and Doors, Bosch, Kohler, and Lee Furniture.

They kicked things off in Hartford at the beginning of this month and the tour will finish out in NYC at the Vanderbilt Exhibit Hall at the end of October. We'll remind you.

For more info, visit BHG

Also a very tool to help you find out how green your home is over here at http://www.lowimpactliving.com/
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