Saturday, February 2, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Photo taken at the U.S. Customs House, Bowling Green, Manhattan - thanks to Pro-Zak

The Weekender Warrior checks in with Brownstoner with his latest project, a sagging stained glass skylight repair. Our inner-minimalist is screaming "LOSE THE SKYLIGHT ENTIRELY!" but to each his own...
Weekend Warrior: Fixing the Skylight

In what might be the mosty blatant example of an unqualified handyman's handiwork, Charles and Hudson's got pics of a shower that comes with it's own hanging electrical outlet, complete with dangling extension cord. Most of us get our morning jolt from a strong cup of coffee...this is clearly the next level.
Electrocution Waiting to Happen

Attention all Do-It-Yourselfers, Real LI, the real estate blog from Newsday is reporting that:
"one out of every 200 homes in New York State last year had some sort of foreclosure-related filing, from default letters to auction notices, a 10 percent jump from 2006. RealtyTrac said the number of New York homes that got foreclosure-related filings was 38,688."

With a foreclosed property, you can assume the prices will be cheap, but the renovations will be costly and time-consuming. Now that New York State is chock full of them, and the Federal Reserve has made it so that banks can once again lend profitably (mortgages and home equity lines), can the next reno boom be far behind?
Jump in NY Foreclosure Activity

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