Friday, January 4, 2008


Picking Paint Colors with the Forecasters

photo by laffy4k

Today's St. Petersburg Times has a breakdown of how color forecasters incorporate factors like economics, social changes, technology, the worklace and the political climate to come up with what the new color trends will be:

Debbie Zimmer, is a paint color expert with the Paint Quality Institute in Philadelphia and a former chemist with a degree in marketing:

If the economy "spits and falters," Zimmer says, colors tend to be less vibrant and "gray up a bit," whereas in boom times shades brighten up. The economy these days isn't so great. That's why the 2008 palette incorporates more earth tones, blacks and whites and shades like cranberry rather than hot-tamale red.

Zimmer's Palettes for 2008?

Go Green- a nod toward the ecological movement, making rooms look indoor/outdoor. "The go-green palette may have its roots in the colors of the American Northwest, spread across the map by Starbucks and Nordstrom, which use those colors. Both are based in Seattle," notes Linda Cox, an Interior Designer.

Sophisticated Elegance- a black and white palette that also moves into grays. "It looks great on crown molding and doors, in living rooms and bedrooms," Zimmer says.

Crewel Colors- "Derives from the family nesting trend and incorporates colors found in tapestry and needlework like cranberry, pumpkin and deep blue."

What best-dressed walls will be wearing

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