Sunday, January 13, 2008


NY Home Improvement Blog Patrol

Blue and Yellow Photo by dv0rsky

My elementary school Roland Chatterton had Blue and Yellow as their color scheme, as does Blockbuster Video and Ikea. U of Michigan does too, but they call it blue and maize...Apartment Therapy has some interior design pic's of rooms done up in blue and yellow, you can be the judge of the outcome.
Color Combo: Blue and Yellow

On the Brownstoner Forum, "Donatella" is looking for an upholstery and fabric source/ pro. Of course, people in the know use to find Upholstery in New York. We're adding new experts in this area all the time, if you know a good upholsterer, give us a shout.
Upholstery Forum

Brooklyn Row House is blogging one of the sickest things we've ever heard of...a house of horrors in South Carolina, where a couple moved in, found a secret room with a note from the previous occupant that contained a warning about the house's incredibly bad mold situation. The previous family's children had gotten extremely ill, the owner of the property failed to do anything about it, and now the new tenant's child is starting to exhibit symptoms. The message is "don't play around with mold. Check out our NY environmental companies if you think you may need mold remediation.
The Greenville Horror

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