Saturday, January 19, 2008


Introducing...Elizabeth M. Heid, "Hand Painted Works of Art"

Fruit and Wine Mural above Stovetop by Elizabeth M. Heid

Elizabeth M. Heid, a member, has been turning sinks, tanks, kitchen backsplashes and many other tiled surfaces into "handpainted works of art" for more than 25 years.

When working on ceramic or porcelain, She uses a technique of raised relief glazing to give the artwork a three-dimensional look and fires the items in a 1900 degree kiln in her own studio. This firing essentially fuses her painted design into the existing glaze from the manufacturer.

On her own website, she's got an incredible gallery of everything from single tiles (fruits and vegetables) to bathroom sinks adorned with branches and flowers. We particularly like her kitchen mural of an italian spread including bottles of wine and a full antipasto platter! There's also an interesting bunny mural and several more classical tiled works for the tired, boring backsplash you want to revamp.

To visit Elizabeth M. Heid's profile page, click here: New York Painter

or call Elizabeth M. Heid directly at (631) 957 5823.

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