Monday, January 21, 2008


How Many (insert here) Does it Take to Unscrew a Lightbulb?

Photo by Chefranden

Q: How many Brooklyn-based bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Four; One to change the bulb, and the other three to lament about how good the old one used to be.

Just kidding, but here's a serious tip for changing out old bulb's, especially from a ceiling fixture. When changing out non-traditional shaped lighbulbs that have been in the fixture for a while, sometimes the screwed-in base gets stuck and only the glass, incandescent part comes free.

Never fear, simply take a screwdriver handle, put a damp cloth over it, and use that to fit into the base and twist it free. The mositure will help grip the metal and the screwdriver handle is usually the right size and shape for the job.

Don't ever use pliers to remove a stuck-in lightbulb base, you could end up damaging the fixture itself, or worse, get an electric shock.

That's our tip of the day, probably more helpful than three paragraphs on the closing of a dry cleaner in Red Hook...

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