Saturday, December 15, 2007


Old Skool Wall Phone at Plow & Hearth

Old Fashioned Outside but Up-To-Date Inside

Anyone remember the Blackout of 2003? Think back...your cell phone was useless, your cordless phones weren't working either. The only method of communication (for those of us not living at street level) was that vestigial appliance hanging in the kitchen with the tangled cord...the wall phone!

Plow & Hearth has a decidely un-modern "Old Fashioned Wall Phone" with a 21st Century twist...the rotary is really a push-button dial! It has its own storage drawer as well and would fit into a "country kitchen" perfectly.

From P&H:

Enjoy Modern Phone Convenience Wrapped In Antique Charm
Solid wood and oak veneer recall the solid workmanship of turn-of-the-century phones in this beautifully made replica.

But the modern electronics inside this phone allow for ringer and receiver volume control, push-button dialing with a rotary look, speaker phone, hold and last number redial.

Handy Storage drawer for pens and notes. Easy wall mount with included hardware.

They're only 89.95, we're buying 5 of them...see it here!

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