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5 Resale Value Resolutions

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Yep, it’s that time of year again! As we sit here with an extra 5 pounds-worth of holiday weight and look forward to the New Year, we’ve come up with the following Resale Value Resolutions. These resolutions are for those of us remodeling with the intention of selling our homes in the near future. There are many other options and cautions when it comes to a renovate-to-sell project and we will be bringing you more of these ideas in the future on

Resale Value Resolutions

Because “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, I will put more thought into the exterior of my home. My lawn, my trees and shrubs, my siding and façade, and my exterior trim and paint job will all get more of my attention and budget this year.

I will revamp my wood or marble floors through screening and polishing, rather than tear them out to start over. While new floors are an important selling point, floors that look “as good as new” are equally coveted.

I will acknowledge that, in terms of resale value, nothing is more important than my kitchens and bathrooms. I will not ignore the power of adding new appliances to my kitchen and I will no longer put off that re-glazing and re-grouting project in the master bath.

I will consider moving the laundry room up from the basement if at all possible. The money spent on plumbing will be more than worthwhile both for the value this adds at resale time and the decreased strain on my back with every load of clothing carried.

I will not waste time with projects that do not add much value or are not necessities. I will heed the research that shows that new windows, while possibly more energy efficient, add very little to the price of my home. The same goes for central A/C, which while infinitely more convenient, is very rarely recouped in a sale. A new swimming pool may keep my friends around this summer, but will certainly not increase my home’s sale price, and may even be a liability.

Heeding these resolutions should give you a helpful basic idea of the types of home improvement projects that will and won’t benefit you in a sale of your home. As always, for the best Remodeling in New York, visit our Home Improvement Directory at today!

-Mitch Mayer, Staff Writer

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add to this list, "I will consider refacing the cabinets in my new luxury condo, even if the brand new ones provided as part of the unit price are in perfect condition."

With 7 other units in my condo for sale, how else can I stand out without major renovations?

Great collection of home decor ideas. Thank you...!!
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