Monday, November 19, 2007


Real Estate Transaction? Think Electrician...

Having a licensed inspector or engineer check out a house or apartment is a must, but is it enough? These days, many prospective homeowners are taking additional precautions and bringing a licensed electrician with them when they look at the property for the added assurance that their appliance and lighting needs can be met as well. Here are some thoughts on why this may make sense for you before your next real estate transaction:

Are you buying a new home?
Because electrical work is more complex and critical than ever, more and more home buyers and sellers are insisting on Electrical Surveys before completing a transaction. Obviously, an Engineer who does the regular report is able to report a faulty installation but they are usually not qualified electricians. Don’t be afraid to have a qualified electrician make a walk-through before you purchase a house. That way, you can get an upfront idea of what type of fixes and their associated costs might be involved from the get-go.

Are you selling your home?
If you are trying to sell your home, having an electrical survey available can assure prospective buyers that the house is safe and sound, and get rid of possible sticking points over price. Changing light fittings, switches and sockets might add to the value of your home, just like any other renovation you do preceding a sale.

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Thanks for this information
Electrical work is more complex and critical than ever,so licensed electricians will solve this problem very easily and technically.
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