Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Kitchen Revamp vs. Renovate

kitchen remodeling new york
copper range hood by

Sometimes, a simple revamping of your kitchen is all that's required rather than a complete overhaul. Many Kitchen and Bath companies are only interested in doing total remodeling jobs, but some of the below simpler tasks can be done yourself, or with a New York handyman:

New paint or wallpaper can make a difference right away, many are using commercial wallpaper to stand up to hand prints and splatters

Switching handles and/or knobs on cupboards and cabinets

A new face on the cabinetry changes everything, your options are endless

Replace the countertop surface, think Butcher Block, Granite, or Quartz Composite

Update appliances, especially the ones at eye level like toasters, microwaves and refrigerators

Make things interesting with some of the newer trends like range hoods that ventilate and become your kitchen's new focal point

For Kitchen and Bath experts in the NY area, click here: Kitchen/ Bath

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Thanks for adding the photo of our copper range hood. I think in these current economic times, renovations are going to be a staple for good quality craftspersons everywhere.
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