Sunday, November 4, 2007


Design Tips for Renters

Design Tips for Renters

by Mitch Mayer, staff writer

Just because you're currently renting your home, don't be afraid to make it your own. Here are a few design tips that can make a big difference without making any major changes to your place.

Lighting can make a dramatic difference, try adding spotlights, dangling lights or can lights. Track lights can make your space look like a gallery!

• Switching fixtures is easy and a great personal touch. Whether we're talking doorknobs, light switches or kitchen cabinet pulls, make this subtle change on your own or with the aid of a handyman. Best of all, when your lease is up you can take your new hardware with you.

• Nothing brings life to a room like a fresh coat of paint. Use a different color on moldings to create the perfect hint of contrast. An experienced painter can give your rental's drab walls an immediate shot in the arm without making any structural changes.

• For the look of a built-in without actually building in, a carpenter can build a freestanding bench seat to place under a windowsill. When flanked with bookshelves on either side, you get that built-in look plus some extra storage.

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